Avyna Trampoline FlatLevel Ø365 | Grey

365 cm
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Avyna Pro-Line FlatLevel trampoline set 12 Ø365 cm – Grey

This round Flatlevel trampoline has a diameter of 365 cm (12 ft) is one of the biggest round Flatlevel trampolines in our product range. The trampoline is made of high quality and durable materials. An Avyna trampoline guarantees years of jumping fun.

This FlatLevel trampoline is made of the best materials and is eqquipped with a grey safety pad, double galvanized springs and a flexible jumping mat for optimal jump comfort. The safety pad completely covers the springs. FlatLevel trampolines are top sellers and very popular nowadays. The FlatLevel trampoline will be completely buried into the ground, in comparison with our InGround trampolines (20 cm above the ground).

All Avyna Pro-Line trampolines are designed and produced in our own factory in Vietnam. With an Avyna trampoline you will get quality, safety and durability (minimal 15-20 years). Our trampolines have an extremely long lifespan and we are certainly proud of that. For that reason we offer a lifetime warranty on our trampoline frames. We also pay a lot of attention to the details, such as stichting. Avyna trampolines belong to the highest segment trampolines. Avyna trampolines comply with the latest safety requirements for private as well as public use. Do you know that Avyna trampolines even have been tested as the best in America. Avyna trampolines are sold worldwide and comply with all EN1176 and EN7114 requirements.


  • Article code: AVGR-12-FL

  • Product description: Pro-Line FlatLevel trampoline set 12

  • Trampoline type: FlatLevel

  • Trampoline model: Round

  • Top frame (mm): 48 x 2,0

  • Base legs (mm): 42 x 2,0

  • Trampoline (Ø/cm): 365

  • Jumping mat size (Ø cm): 304

  • Test weight max (kg): 600

  • User weight max (kg): 120

  • Springs: 80

  • Spring length (mm): 215

  • Spring material: Double galvanized steel

  • Safety pad color: Grey

  • Safety pad PVC (mm): 0,6

  • Safety pad thickness (cm): 2,5

  • Safety pad width (cm): 40

  • Closed cell foam (cm): 2

  • Package weight (kg): 92

  • Packaging dimensions (l x w x h / cm): 171 x 54 x 32

  • Warranty trampoline frame: lifetime

  • Warranty springs: 10 years

  • Warranty safety pad: 3 years

  • Warranty jumping mat: 3 years

  • Safety net included: no

  • Safety net optional: yes

  • Minimum depth digging hole (cm): 80

  • Certified: CE, EN 1176-1:2017 & EN 7114:2019

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Avyna Safety Instructions

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