Round trampoline


Do you have young children? Then go for a round trampoline. Jumping on a round trampoline is safer, especially for smaller children, because the trampoline springs are equally tight everywhere. As a result, the jumper automatically ends up in the middle of the trampoline with every jump.



Avyna sells both small and large round trampolines in a Above, InGround or FlatLevel version.

You can choose between different color protective edges. Right now, we have green, gray and camouflage edges available.


With an Avyna Pro-Line trampoline you choose safety and the highest quality. It is not without reason that we give a lifelong warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the double galvanized springs.




Rectangular trampoline


Are you looking for a rectangular trampoline? Avyna is here to help you out! We can provide rectangular trampolines varying in size from 275 x 190 cm to 520 x 305 cm.


The rectangular trampoline is chosen by many people because it makes the best use of the space in your garden. Do you want to be able to tidy your garden? We also have a trampoline with a foldable framework, for easy storage!


If you buy an Avyna Pro-Line trampoline, you buy quality. It is not without reason that we give a lifelong warranty on the trampoline frame

Design, safety & top quality!


A rectangular trampoline that does not rise above ground level; The Avyna Pro-Line FlatLevel trampoline. 


The Pro-Line Flatlevel trampoline has PVC formwork which is attached to both the top and bottom frame of the trampoline. It goes into the ground with a total depth of 22 cm and prevents the edge from collapsing.


The Avyna AirStream jumping mat of the trampoline creates better airflow through the mat which ensures the perfect jumping experience. 


The edge of this rectangular trampoline, in the color green or gray, is attached in a special but simple way. It remains firmly on the trampoline with every jump for extra safety. You can make your trampoline even safer by placing a safety net with curved posts around it!

InGround trampoline

Buying an InGround trampoline has many advantages. Because you dig in the trampoline, the trampoline becomes part of the garden and is a lot less noticeable. Besides that, it is also safer because the distance from the ground is much shorter than with a BuildUp trampoline.


The trampoline can easily be burried. The frame is equipped with InGround pins so that only a small hole has to be dug under the trampoline.

Extra reinforcement on the edges is therefore not necessary.


Why round?

Because the trampoline springs are equally tight everywhere, the jumper automatically ends up in the middle of the trampoline with every jump. This is safer, especially for smaller children.


It is unique that we guarantee a lifelong warranty on the frame of all our PRO-LINE trampolines

Safe, sleek and top quality!


The Avyna Pro-Line FlatLevel trampoline is buried even lower than an InGround trampoline. This construction, with a PVC protection plate, ensures that the round FlatLevel trampoline is completely level with the ground. 


The trampoline has a special AirStream jumping mat that ensures that the air under the trampoline to leave through the mat. This way the jumping quality of the trampoline remains optimal, as you can expect from an Avyna Pro-Line!


The trampoline is available in the colors green and gray and can be expanded with a safety net curved posts!


Of course we also have rectangular FlatLevel trampolines in different sizes. 


Trampoline kiezen

De juiste trampoline kiezen, is een kwestie van een aantal vragen beantwoorden. Wat voor formaat en vorm past het beste bij jullie in de tuin? Ga je voor rechthoekig of rond? Wil je een trampoline die je kan ingraven (InGround of FlatLevel of een trampoline die op poten staat? Een InGround wordt een vast onderdeel van je tuin, een opbouw kan je gemakkelijk verplaatsen. Bij opbouw- en InGround trampolines is een veiligheidsnet verplicht. 


Of je nu gaat voor een kleine trampoline (kindertrampoline), grote trampoline of wat voor tuin trampoline dan ook, Avyna heeft het allemaal. Kijk hier voor onze tips en advies om zo de beste keus te maken.


Naast tuin trampolines hebben wij ook fitness trampolines, maar ook andere kleine trampolines die zowel binnen als buiten gebruikt kunnen worden.

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