Do you want to play football in your own backyard?

With Avyna's football goals, you can turn any backyard into a real football field. What could be more fun than playing football in your own garden? Score the most goals or get that nutmeg together with your brother, sister, father, mother or friends. Playing football in your own backyard becomes even more fun with a real goal. 


Pick your own materials!

We have galvanized and aluminum football goals.

Our galvanized football goals are fully galvanized on both the inside and outside. Due to their steel thickness of 1.6 - 2.0 mm they very strong. This solid product meets all safety requirements. Our football goals are available in a small, medium and large version.

The aluminum goals are made of 2.0 mm thick aluminum which makes for sturdy, robust but light football goals.

 If you buy two aluminum goals at once, you will receive a discount of up to € 99!


Different sizes!

Is your backyard not the size of a regular football field? Maybe our smallest football goal, with a size of 150cm x 80cm x 70cm, will fit! Looking for a bigger goal? We have football goals up to 500cm x 200cm x 160cm.

Improve your skills 

In addition to football goals, we can also provide you with fun accessories to improve your skills. What do you think of our rebouncer? This way you can play football on your own. Kick the football against the rebouncer and try controlling it when it comes right back at you!

Is your club looking for training goals? Contact us and find out what we can do for you.

Football rebouncer 

With this football rebouncer you can take your football skills to the next level. Use it during football training or when you practice in the garden with friends.

Hockey goal


A hockey goal for your backyard or at your club? Avyna has what you are looking for. 

Practice your drive, scoop or push pass right at home. Together or alone. With a hockey goal in your own backyard, nothing can hold you back. Practice your shootout, improve your skills or play a friendly game against your friends. It will all be more fun with a real Avyna hockey goal!

We can provide you with both small or large hockey goals. You can choose between a small galvanized goal (150cm x 80cm x 70cm), a large galvanized goal, (255cm x 150cm x 108cm) or a small aluminum goal, (150cm x 100cm x 80cm). All our hockey goals are supplied with a net. Secure the goal extra well with an anchor set.

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