Hockey goal

Hockey goal


A hockey goal for your backyard or at your club? Avyna has what you are looking for. 

Practice your drive, scoop or push pass right at home. Together or alone. With a hockey goal in your own backyard, nothing can hold you back. Practice your shootout, improve your skills or play a friendly game against your friends. It will all be more fun with a real Avyna hockey goal!

We can provide you with both small or large hockey goals. You can choose between a small galvanized goal (150cm x 80cm x 70cm), a large galvanized goal, (255cm x 150cm x 108cm) or a small aluminum goal, (150cm x 100cm x 80cm). All our hockey goals are supplied with a net. Secure the goal extra well with an anchor set.

  1. Height: 150 cm

    Width: 255 cm

    € 199,00

  2. Height: 100 cm

    Width: 150 cm

    € 329,00

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