Avyna in Vietnam

Where trampolines are made with love                                                                                  

 Avyna has a factory in Vietnam that now employs 100 people. Joost van Tol, owner and founder of Avyna, arrived in Vietnam in 2001 through a friend.

The advantage of having our own factory is that we have control over the entire production process. At the request of customers, we can adjust our products and provide parts at all times.

A look in our factory



Where does the name Avyna come from?

We often get the question where the name Avyna comes from. We understand this all too well. You do not often hear this name and it does not directly associate with trampolines, inflatables, soccer goals or hockey goals.

So why Avyna? 

The daughter of Joost’s friend is called Avy. When you combine that with a piece of VietNAm.. Exactly, we could not have thought of this either!