Frequently asked questions


Why is an Avyna trampoline the best choice?

The Avyna PRO-LINE has been tested as the safest trampoline in America, and comes with a standard lifetime warranty on the frame and a 10-year warrenty on the springs. Also, Avyna is certified to be used in public areas such as playgrounds and campsites. Great customer service is a top priority for Avyna . Our aim is to create a distinctive innovation in the world of trampolines, focused on style, quality and excellent aftercare!

What is the maximum user weight of the trampoline?

This varies per product. On the webpage of your trampoline, the maximum user weight is described in the specifications.

Can Avyna trampolines be placed in public areas?

All our trampolines from 2 meters in size and upwards are AIB-certified. This means they may be placed in public areas. You are obliged to keep a log of the trampoline. On indication we can provide you with a small plate for only €24,95.

Does an Avyna safety net fit on any other trampoline?

An Avyna safety net fits on all trampolines. The number of legs must correspond to the following:
245-305cm = 3 legs                             365-430cm =  4 legs

Does the protective cover also fit on a trampoline with a safety net?

Yes, it does!

How do you attach the protective cover to an InGround trampoline?

The edge of an inground trampoline is fixed in the ground with pegs. You can attach the protective cover to these pegs.

What is the difference between a round and a rectangular trampoline?

In terms of comfort they resemble each other. The rectangular generally takes up less space than the round. Therefore, the rectangular models are more suitable for smaller gardens. The round models have a larger jumping surface.

What should you pay attention to when buying a trampoline?

It is important that the trampoline you want to purchase always has a label of quality. You also want to pay attention to the specifications and durability of the materials.

How do I make sure I jump safely?

Make sure you always follow the ‘safety instructions’ that come with every trampoline.

Is jumping on a trampoline good for your muscles and joints?

Jumping the trampoline is very good for your health. 15 minutes of jumping equals half an hour of running.

What is the difference between a foldable trampoline and a regular rectangular trampoline?

It’s all in the name! The foldable trampoline can be folded and unfolded effortlessly. That way it can be stored more easily after jumping.

Where are Avyna trampolines made?

All trampolines are made in our own factory in Vietnam. We always use the highest quality products and make sure we set high quality standards.

How much warranty do I get on my Avyna trampoline?

You always get a lifelong warranty on the frame. A 10-year warranty on the springs, and 3 years on the safety pad and mat.

How do I ensure that my trampoline last longer?

With an inground trampoline it is important that it is buried as indicated in the instructions. During the winter months it is helpfull to cover the trampoline with a protective cover to extend the lifespan of the protective edge and the springs. To prevent the trampoline from being dragged during a storm, we recommend securing the trampoline with an ‘anchor set’. Also, try not to exceed the maximum user weight, as this will stretch out the springs.

Is there a difference between trampoline springs?

There is a lot of difference between the springs of different trampolines. With cheaper trampolines you can see that the springs start to rust after 1 or 2 years. Our springs are galvanized conical and multiple times, so it is impossible for them to rust. We also use Taiwanese steel, which is known for its excellent quality.

Where do I register my Avyna trampoline?

You can register your trampoline here. If you do, you’re always entitled to the right warranties.

How many children can jump on an Avyna trampoline?

Offiically, you’re allowed to jump with one person at a time. We know from experience that trampolines are often used by more than one person. Avyna trampolines can easily handle this, but for safety reasons it remains prohibited. You are responsible for handling the purchased product as responsibly as possible..

What size should I get?

This is hard for us to decide. If you take in consideration the following points, you’ll be able to select the proper trampoline for you.

  • How much space do you have for a trampoline

  • How much do you want to spend on a trampoline

  • Do you want a round or a rectangular trampoline

  • Do you want a build-up or an InGround trampoline?

Why are your trampolines more expensive?

We are more expensive because we stand for quality and sustainability. All trampolines are made of the highest quality steel and PVC. Once you’ve purchased an Avyna trampoline, it will provide security for 15 years of fun.. 


If I need a new jumping mat, how do I measure how big this mat should be?

Measure the frame and count the number of springs. With this information call us on +31161 294 333, or send an email to We can then help you find the right size!

How do I measure the size of my trampoline?

You’ll find the right size by measuring from the outside of the frame.

How do I choose the right protective edge?

Not all protective edges are the same. Think about the thickness of the edge itself, the safety, the thickness of the PVC, the width and the type of attachment to the frame. Also the finish, stitching, warranty period, color and durability differ. Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to contact us by phone (+31161 294 333) or email (


How do I measure the size of the springs?

Measure the total length of the spring, including the hooks.


If I have a Jumpfree-model, can I order spare parts for it?

Yes, spare parts from our Jumpree- or Powerjumper-line are still available. Contact us via email or telephone so that we can help you getting the right parts

Can I order spare parts for a trampoline that is 8 years old?

Yes, we have individual parts available for each model, which can be ordered through our website or sales departement.

From what age is the use of a trampoline appropriate?

Officially there are no age-restrictions. As from 3 years old, children can start jumping!

How do I know where to start digging?

Measure 20-25cm inwards from the frame. Start digging diagonally from here.

How do I properly dig in my trampoline? 

Make sure to wait until you receive your trampoline. Assemble the frame and lay it out on the ground. Then, measure the proper distances and start digging according tot he manual!

The edge of my trampoline turned green because of the weather. How do I best clean this?

This is easy to clean by using warm water, soap and a sponge!


Is a inflating-device included?

Yes, every inflatable in the Avyna Happy Bounce series comes with a new blower. In about 2 minutes, your children can start enjoying the bouncy house.

Football goals 

Is a net included?

Yes, every Avyna football goal comes with a strong and solid net.