Receive a free cover when purchasing a trampoline

Are you shopping for your new trampoline at Then you'll receive a temporary FREE weather cover!

Due to the success of this deal, unfortunately, some sizes of the covers have run out of stock. We expect to have these covers back in stock by late June/early July. If this applies to the trampoline you've ordered, we will note this on the packing label of your shipment. As soon as the covers are back in stock, we'll send them out immediately.

How does it work?

  1. Choose your trampoline: select from our wide range the trampoline that suits you best. Whether you're looking for a compact trampoline for the backyard or a larger model for more fun, we have it all.
  2. Place your order: all you need to do is add the trampoline to your cart and proceed to checkout. Adding a cover is not necessary. We will automatically include it with your order. No extra steps, just easy!


Does this promotion apply to all trampolines?

Yes, this promotion applies to all trampolines in our range, regardless of the model or size.

What is the quality of the cover?

Our covers are made of durable and waterproof material specifically designed to protect your trampoline from all weather conditions during the whole season.

I received my trampoline but didn't get a cover with it?

Unfortunately that's possible, but don't worry. Due to the success of this springdeal, the covers sold out faster than expected. If this is the case for you, we always note it on the packing slip. So, please check it before unpacking the trampoline. We automatically create a backorder in our system and deliver the covers immediately once they're back in stock. We expect to be able to restock the covers by late June/early July.

Why should I order my trampoline from

At | Avyna, you're guaranteed a high-quality trampoline. Avyna is one of the world's best trampoline brands. What sets us apart from other brands is that we offer a lifetime warranty on trampoline frames. That speaks volumes about the quality.

Additionally, we have excellent and fast customer service, and we offer free & fast shipping. We even have our own factory, which allows us to supply spare parts for many years.

Did you know that Avyna trampolines are also suitable for public use? Are you looking for a trampoline for your campsite, holiday park, or even an attraction? Then you've come to the right place with us.

Plenty of reasons to choose an Avyna trampoline at