Trampoline tent


Imagine being able to camp out on your trampoline?

This trampoline tent is easy to assemble. It can even be  folded open quickly if your camping adventure needs some jumping.

Trampoline cover


Protect your trampoline against weather influences and dirt with a cover and extend the lifespan of your trampoline.


Our trampoline covers fit on the AboveInGround and FlatLevel trampoline.

Trampoline ladder


A ladder helps the children to get on and off the trampoline more easily when the trampoline is placed above the ground.

Avyna has two types of ladders. The difference is in the height.


For example, we have a trampoline ladder with a height of 100 cm and a ladder with a height of 76 cm.


Both types are provided with a non-slip layer and of very high quality. The ladders are easy to attach to the frame of the Build-Up trampoline.


If you opt for an Avyna PRO-LINE trampoline combination package, a FREE ladder is included.


Anchoring set


Is your trampoline properly secured? Anchor your trampoline with an anchoring set.


By anchoring your trampoline you increase the chance that the trampoline will remain on the ground in all weather conditions.
An anchoring set consists of four galvanized anchors and can be used for any Above trampoline, both round and rectangular.


The principle speaks for itself. You can use the straps to attach your trampoline to the pegs supplied. This way, the trampoline, large or small, is well secured.


Safety nets for round trampolines

A safety net around your trampoline is the best way to prevent children from falling off it. With a safety net you no longer have to worry about nasty injuries. Also, a safety net will boost your childs self-confidence and courage to jump!

We make sure our AVYNA safety nets are of the highest quality. The Avyna PRO-LINE safety nets are available for BuiltUp trampolines and come in the colors: gray and green. We also provide safety nets with posts for InGround trampolines; experience ultimate safety!

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