Round trampoline

Round trampoline


Do you have young children? Then go for a round trampoline. Jumping on a round trampoline is safer, especially for smaller children, because the trampoline springs are equally tight everywhere. As a result, the jumper automatically ends up in the middle of the trampoline with every jump.



Avyna sells both small and large round trampolines in a Above, InGround or FlatLevel version.

You can choose between different color protective edges. Right now, we have green, gray and camouflage edges available.


With an Avyna Pro-Line trampoline you choose safety and the highest quality. It is not without reason that we give a lifelong warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the double galvanized springs.




  1. Height: 41 cm

    Width: 200 cm

    € 0,00

  2. Height: 67 cm

    Width: 245 cm

    € 729,00

  3. Height: 76 cm

    Width: 305 cm

    € 829,00

  4. Height: 89 cm

    Width: 365 cm

    € 0,00

  5. Height: 89 cm

    Width: 430 cm

    € 1.139,00

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