Lifetime warranty

Good quality stands out!

If you are looking for a trampoline that will last for years and years, an AVYNA trampoline is the one you want. Wether you choose a Built-Up, InGround or FlatLevel trampoline, we provide a lifetime warranty on all of the frames, big or small!

If you buy an Avyna trampoline, you can safely resell it by the time your children have left home. All our trampolines will remain beautiful for years and in the unlikely event that something needs to be replaced, we will deliver the necessary parts through our own factory in Vietnam.

Set ground rules!

Always make sure your children are aware of the ground rules. Do not allow anyone to perform tricks when there is more than one child on the trampoline. Allowing them could have nasty consequences for both the child who performs the trick as for the other children on the trampoline at that moment.

If older children use the trampoline, point out to them to be extra careful around smaller children. By setting simple ground rules we can make jumping safer for everyone!

The AVYNA factory in Vietnam

In our own factory in Vietnam, all our trampolines are made by specialists. Our goal is to keep improving safety constantly! Check below to see how this works.