Rectangular Flatlevel trampoline

Design, safety & top quality!


A rectangular trampoline that does not rise above ground level; The Avyna Pro-Line FlatLevel trampoline. 


The Pro-Line Flatlevel trampoline has PVC formwork which is attached to both the top and bottom frame of the trampoline. It goes into the ground with a total depth of 22 cm and prevents the edge from collapsing.


The Avyna AirStream jumping mat of the trampoline creates better airflow through the mat which ensures the perfect jumping experience. 


The edge of this rectangular trampoline, in the color green or gray, is attached in a special but simple way. It remains firmly on the trampoline with every jump for extra safety. You can make your trampoline even safer by placing a safety net with curved posts around it!


How to bury your FlatLevel trampoline

It is easy to assemble and dig in the trampoline by yourself. In the video below we show how to bury a trampoline step by step. 


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