Play it safe

From 1 January it is required to place a safety net on your trampoline. The FlatLevels are an exception but of course we recommend this.

Do you still want a trampoline without a safety net in your garden, then choose for a FlatLevel trampoline.

We give you the advise to place a shock absorbing / soft surface around the trampoline. Because it can never be avoided that an user falls off the trampoline. The substrate must be chosen in such a way that the consequences will be as few as possible in the event of a fall. 

What do you have to consider with a fall-obsorbing surface?

  • Artificial grass
  • Rubber tiles
  • Casting rubber
  • Fine gravel and sand
  • Bark
  • Wood chips

The advise fort he soft surface is one meter around the trampoline. This includes the trampoline edge.

For example: You buy a trampoline set 12. The set 12 has a 40 cm wide safety pad, in this case you need still minimal 60 centimeter soft surface around the trampoline.

Keep jumping, keep it safe!