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Attention: This trampoline pad is only suitable for model 223 and not for model 23. Model 223 has only been available since 2018. Did you purchase your trampoline before 2018? Then this is not the correct trampoline edge.

225 cm
300 cm
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Avyna Safety Pad for InGround trampoline 300x225 (23) – Green

Do you have to replace the safety pad of your Ayvna InGround trampoline? This safety pad is suitable for the rectangular Avyna InGround trampolines with the size of 300 x 225 cm. This trampoline 23 is an old model. If you purchased your trampoline before 2018, this is not the right safety pad.

A trampoline pad is an essential component of a trampoline. It serves as a protective barrier that surrounds the jumping area ensuring safety. The primary purpose of a safety pad is to prevent jumpers from getting hurt which could cause injury. So, a well-fitted safety pad that securely attaches to the trampoline frame ensures maximum of safety and durability for the jumper.

Our safety pads are made of high quality and weather resistant materials and are especially developed for a long-time use. They have a thick foam filling which does not absorb moisture. Also the pad has air vents on the side for the best jumping comfort.

The safety pad is easy assemble and can be fasten with the included elastics.

* These pad is only for InGround trampoline and will not fit on a FlatLevel trampoline.


  • Article code: TEPL-23-333-I

  • Product description: Top Safe InGround safety pad 300x225 cm (old model)

  • For trampoline: InGround 23 (not for 223)

  • Model: Rectangular

  • Safety pad color: Green

  • Safety pad material: PVC, vinyl, foam

  • Safety pad thickness (cm): 2,5

  • Safety pad width (cm): 32

  • Thickness PVC in pad (mm): 0,6

  • Package weight (kg): 5

  • Package size (cm): 146 x 40 x 26

  • Warranty safety pad: 3 years

  • Elastics/fasteners included : Yes