PRO 2-14 Jumping Mat Ø430 - 112 Hooks

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This old model jump mat is suitable for the old Avyna trampoline PRO-2-14 with a diameter of Ø430. The mat has connections for a total of 112 springs. When purchasing a new mat for a trampoline, it's important to first check how many springs the old jump mat has. The new one must have the same number of springs, otherwise it won't fit. Need help with this? Contact us.


  • Article code: PRO-2-14-222

  • Product description: Trampoline springmat PRO-2-14 Ø430 - 112 veeraansluitingen

  • Suitable for trampoline: PRO 2-14

  • Hooks on the jumping mat: 112

  • Length or associated springs: 21,5 cm

  • Material jumping mat: Polypropylene