Powerjumper Jumping Mat Ø245 – 48 Hooks

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Trampoline jumping mat for Powerjumper trampoline Ø245 cm (48 spring connections)

This jumping mat is specifically designed for the old Avyna Powerjumper trampolines with a width of 2.45 meters and 48 springs. If your trampoline has more or less springs, or a different width, this mat will not fit. Before purchasing a new jumping mat, we recommend counting the total number of springs and measuring the trampoline to make sure that you get the right jumping mat.


  • Article code: AVPJ-08-222

  • Product description: Powerjumper mat Ø245 with 48 hooks

  • For trampolines: Avyna Powerjumper

  • Hooks on the jumping mat: 48

  • Length springs: 17,8 cm

  • Material: Polypropylene

  • Extra safety flap: No

  • Total weight (kg): 2,5

  • Package sizes (lxwxh in cm): 35x12x34