Avyna Jumping Mat MAX 380x255 (238) | 94 Hooks

255 cm
380 cm
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200% meer luchtdoorlating!

Jump better and higher than ever before with our improved MAX trampoline jumping mat. Thanks to its innovative weaving pattern, this MAX jumping mat allows up to 200% more airflow compared to standard mats. The mat’s open structure ensures an even higher and smoother jump. Designed in America, the MAX jumping mat is crafted with an eye for detail and maximum performance. A rainy day? No problem, because with this mat, the trampoline is always ready for use.

The minimal resistance and maximum resilience of this new MAX trampoline jumping mat guarantee the best jumping experience ever! 

The MAX jumping mats are specially designed for our Ayvna FlatLevel trampolines of 380x255 (238). If you're considering buying a new mat, check if your owm mat has the same total of hooks as this one. Trampoline springs are not included.

Prefer a regular mat with less airflow but the same quality? Go for our regular Air X-TREAM jumping mat of 380x255cm.


  • Article code: TEPL-238-222-FL-MAX

  • Product description: Avyna MAX jumping mat 380x255 | 94 hooks

  • For trampoline type: FlatLevel 238

  • Total of hooks: 94

  • Length springs: 17,8 | 21,5 cm

  • Material: Polypropylene

  • Extra safety flap: Yes

  • Springs included: No

  • Warranty: 3 years