Avyna Trampoline Safety Pad FlatLevel 305x255 (223) – Grey

225 cm
305 cm
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Avyna Safety Pad for FlatLevel trampoline 305x225 (223) – Grey

Is the safety pad of your Avyna FlatLevel trampoline starting to fade? This trampoline safety pad is suitable for the rectangular FlatLevel trampolines 223, 305x225 cm.

The use of a safety pad is an essential part of jumping on a trampoline. It serves as a protective barrier that surrounds the jumping mat, ensuring safety, when juming on the trampoline. Additionally, using a well-fitted trampoline pad can also extend the lifetime of your rectangular trampoline.

All Avyna trampoline safety pads are made of high-quality and weather-resistant materials and are especially developed for a long-time use. The safety pads have a thick foam padding and also an extra layer of pvc, which does not absorb moisture. The pad is easy to assemble and can be fasten with the included elastics.

This safety pad is only compatible on the FlatLevel trampolines and does not fit our InGround trampolines.


  • Article code: AVGR-223-333-FL

  • Product description: Top Safe FlatLevel safety pad for 223 305x225

  • For trampoline: FlatLevel 223

  • Model: Rectangular

  • Safety pad color: Grey

  • Safety pad thickness (cm): 2,5

  • Safety pad width (cm): 40

  • Safety pad material: PVC, vinyl, foam

  • Thickness PVC in pad (mm): 0,6

  • Package weight (kg): 10

  • Package size (cm): 160x45x22

  • Warranty safety pad: 3 years

  • Elastics/fasteners included : Yes