Why Avyna?


Choosing a trampoline is not easy. What exactly are you looking for??

Safety, of course, is very important. But what type of trampoline is best for you? Do you prefer an InGround or FlatLevel trampoline? And what about the shape? Do you want a round trampoline or a rectangular one? And how much space do you actually have in your garden? 

Safety is our top priority, which is why all our trampolines are produced in agreement with current rules and regulations for toys, but also for amusement equipment. The trampolines are of high quality and, to be fair, they have to be when they come with a  lifetime warranty on the frame. Also, a beautiful design without compromising safety is not impossible. The trampolines of the Avyna Pro-Line line are a great example! 

We have our own production facility in Vietnam and find it crucial our trampolines are sustainable. 

When you pick Avyna, you certainly pick outstanding quality for your garden!


The frame of the trampoline is fully galvanized on both the inside and the outside.


The welds are strong and skillfully finished.


The safety caps protect against injuries


The pad is stitched with weather-resistant thread.


The pad is sturdy and sealed with PVC


The trampoline mats are made out of polypropylene

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