Round InGround trampoline

InGround trampoline

Buying an InGround trampoline has many advantages. Because you dig in the trampoline, the trampoline becomes part of the garden and is a lot less noticeable. Besides that, it is also safer because the distance from the ground is much shorter than with a BuildUp trampoline.


The trampoline can easily be burried. The frame is equipped with InGround pins so that only a small hole has to be dug under the trampoline.

Extra reinforcement on the edges is therefore not necessary.


Why round?

Because the trampoline springs are equally tight everywhere, the jumper automatically ends up in the middle of the trampoline with every jump. This is safer, especially for smaller children.


It is unique that we guarantee a lifelong warranty on the frame of all our PRO-LINE trampolines


Burry your InGround trampoline

We work together with various dealers and gardeners who would like to help you bury your InGround trampoline.


Burry your InGround trampoline by yourself?

It is also possible and easy to assemble and dig in everything by yourself. In the video below we show how to bury a trampoline step by step. 


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