Fitness trampoline


Trampoline workout

Trampoline jumping appeals to young and old and is suitable for all ages. The Fitness trampoline has become so popular that special trampoline gyms are opened worldwide.


An important reason for this will be that jumping on a fitness trampoline does not feel like a workout. And yet, by jumping, you use almost all of your muscles. Jumping for ten minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to running for half an hour and is less stressful for your joints. The elastics provide great absorption.


These trampolines take up little space. And because of its size, the trampoline can be taken outside in good weather so that you can do your exercises in the open air.


Various fitness trampolines

In addition, we also have special children's and mini trampolines. Like our larger trampolines, these have springs instead of elastics.



Fitness trampoline


Ten-time Dutch trampoline jumping champion, jumps at Avyna at home!

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