Safety pad round InGround

Need a new safety pad for your trampoline? The Avyna Top Safe safety pads are made of a high quality and weather resistant material and extremely solid. The safety pad completely covers the springs and does not move when jumping, because of the unique safety system.

Differences safety pads:

Top Safe: Our Top Safe pads are made of pvc material with a thick foam filling in it. The pads have a 3-year warranty. Available in the colors: Green, grey, camouflage and black

HD Plus: Our HD-Plus safety pads (Heavy Duty) are even stronger than the normal (Top Safe) pads, because of the 0,8 mm pvc material. They also have a thicker foam filling. Instead of 3 year, these HD Plus safety pads have a warranty of 5 years. Available in the color: grey.

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