New jumping performance

New jumping performance

Springs set on a higher level



An Avyna trampoline will last for years. All the Avyna trampolines have a lifetime warranty on the trampoline springs. Because we have our own factory in Vietnam, we always can always deliver seperate parts.


Do you have years of experience with jumping on (round) trampolines? And do you want to challenge yourself?

Avyna gives you the oppurtunity to personalize your trampoline, to change the trampoline springs to your own jumping level.



You can choose from 3 sets:


  • The standard, developed for safety, for young and old

  • The sport, for everyone who wants to get more action on their trampoline

  • The extreme sport, for the advanced jumper who wants to keep challenging themselves


The springs are only for the round trampolines.

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Train at home

Are you a gymnast? Go for the extreme sport springs to keep challenging yourself.





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