Happy Bounce inflatables

Happy Bounce inflatables

Hours of fun with the Avyna Happpy Bounce 


An castle in your own garden is every kid's dream. The Avyna Happy Bounce inflatables make these dreams come true.


The jumping castles are inflated in only a couple of minutes, this is perfect for impatient children.


Avyna has 10 different inflatables, so there is choice for everyone! Play in the ball pit, super fast down the slide, a race on the assault course or just jump. Kids will have the time of their life and hours of fun!


All the inflatables are certificated, you make a good and safe choice with Avyna Happy Bounce!


Also Avyna has an extensive Happy Bounce line, with a water slide and a ball games island! The water slide is easy to connect to the garden hose.


Also Devran and Ilay, form the YouTube account 'Familie Lakap' love the Avyna Happy Bounce inflatables. They have the AVHB-SK09 and the AVHB-SK07.





The inflatables are for domestic use.


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