FlatLevel trampoline

FlatLevel trampoline

Why a FlatLevel trampoline?


A FlatLevel trampoline is perfect for your garden. Our round and rectangular FlatLevel trampolines have a modern look. Besides this, FlatLevel trampolines are safe because they are equal with the ground. 


Since the weather is getting better and we are heading towards the summer, having a trampoline in your garden is a must have, right? The kids will enjoy jumping on a trampoline and also for the parents there is a lot of fun. Thanks to the equality with the ground and the modern look, a FlatLevel trampoline fits perfectly in your garden. In comparison to all other trampolines of Avyna, only the FlatLevel trampolines may be used without a safety net. Do you want extra safety? We also sell safety nets for FlatLevel trampolines. 


Are you even more curious why a FlatLevel trampoline is perfect? Then have a look at this 3D animation, it perfectly shows the characteristics of the FlatLevel trampolines. 


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