The quality of Avyna

Quality is the most important thing for Avyna

This has always been and this always will be

Joost van Tol, owner of Avyna, often gets the comment; pretty cheap, especially those people in Vietnam! It is true that the that rewards In Vietnam are lower than in the Netherlands for example. For Avyna, the main reason to produce in Vietnam is because of the high quality of the products that could be realised. Avyna wants to deliver their products to the highest quality as possible. The prices of producing in Western countries are considerable higher and because of this, the price of the trampolines will increase and makes it unaffordable for some people. 

In Vietnam, Avyna is working with very reliable people. There is almost no turnover of employees for many years. Avyna tries to stimulte their employees to follow education and make sure that their children also go studying. In addition, healthcare in Vietnam is very well organised. The motto of Avyna is: If the people are happy, they are willing to come to work with the best intentions. Avyna tries to ensure that the employees in Vietnam can work under the best conditions. Any examples of this are good lighting in the factory, a perfect temperature and of course playing music. Avyna really takes care of their employees and reward them with, for example a BBQ or a party. Due to this, Avyna keeps people happy. 

Avyna produces all their products with high-quality materials that have a long lifetime, so replacement is hardly or not necessary. The materials which Avyna is using are purchased in such a way that there is minimun or zero waste. Avyna wants to prevent their products from contributing to the ''plastic soup''.

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Jumping Mat Air X-Tream

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Caps Click & Lock (Safety net)

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