Buying a trampoline

Tips for buying a trampoline

You don't just buy a trampoline every day. It is an investment; The trampoline becomes part of your garden. We hope to help you make the right choice when purchasing a trampoline with the following points.

Buying a round trampoline

A round trampoline is the best-selling trampoline there is. Small children jump safer on a round trampoline. Because the trampoline springs of a round trampoline are equally tight all around, the jumpers automatically return to the middle with every jump. Avyna has a wide choice of different sizes of round trampolines. The larger the trampoline, the safer you can jump. Do not place the trampoline too close to a tree, fence or other obstacles.

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What size of a round trampoline do I choose?

As mentioned above; 'The larger the trampoline, the safer you can jump', but if your child is under 6 years old, we still recommend choosing a smaller round trampoline with a maximum diameter of 305 cm. On a larger trampoline it would be more difficult to jump for small children and jumping the trampoline must, of course, be fun!

For children from the age of 10 it is best to choose a larger round trampoline with a minimum diameter of 305 cm. They can easily try tricks and do different exercises. As a result, the trampoline will be used more intensively.

Round trampoline and safety

With a larger, round trampoline, children will try to jump with several children at the same time.
As fun as this may seem, for safety reasons we strongly advise against it!! Make clear rules with your children and their friends about jumping the trampoline. Are you still worried? consider placing a trampoline safety net. This way children cannot fall off the trampoline which will prevent injuries. Safety nets can be purchased with or without a frame. You can always decide to buy a safety net later!

If you want to buy everything at once, take a look at our combi-packages. Here you will find all our trampolines complete with safety nets.

Buying a rectangular trampoline

On a rectangular trampoline you can generate more power than on a round trampoline. This makes it easier for children to jump higher. Older children can easily use the entire jumping surface, because you are not automatically driven to the center of the trampoline as is the case with a round trampoline.

If your child has some experience with jumping, choose a rectangular trampoline. Also if your child is doing gymnastics or athletics, a rectangular trampoline would be a better choice. With a rectangular trampoline you have more control over your tricks and excersises.

Another advantage of a rectangular trampoline is that it can also be integrated better in a smaller garden. Due to the rectangular shape, this trampoline often looks better in a modern garden. Do not place the trampoline too close to a tree, fence or other obstacles.

Which size rectangular trampoline is best for me?

On a rectangular trampoline rather than on a round trampoline your child will be more likely to jump alone. You can generate more power so that you can jump high on your own.
But if children do jump on the trampoline with more than one person, even on a rectangular shaped one, you might want to consider placing a trampoline safety net. This prevents children from falling. Safety nets can be ordered both with your orignal purchase or later, if you decide you need one afterwards. And since we have them in stock, we can also replace your safety net if necessary.

Technical aspects of a rectangular trampoline

Because the tension of the springs is stronger in some places than in other, jumping on a rectangular trampoline is different from jumping on a round trampoline, where spring-tension is the same  It is a personal preference whether someone experiences this as pleasant or not. Professional trampoline jumpers use a rectangular trampoline. A rectangular trampoline better supports the professionals in performing their technical jumps.

InGround trampolines

If you have studied the purchase of a trampoline you will already have come across a lot of terms; buried trampoline, built-in trampoline, InGround trampoline, built-up trampoline, trampoline above the ground or just a 'trampoline'.

Don’t worry! It’s simply different names for 2 types of trampolines. A buried, built-in or InGround trampoline' is a trampoline that is buried in the ground. A 'built-up' trampoline is a trampoline that you can simply place in your garden without having to dig it into the ground. The built-up trampoline is therefore a lot higher from the ground. When referring to a ‘trampoline’, most of the time a built-up trampoline is meant, unless it is explicitly stated that it is an InGround model.

With an InGround trampoline, the trampoline will be a lot lower than with a built-up trampoline. We, at Avyna, use the name InGround trampoline for a buried trampoline.

The InGround trampoline has been increasingly popular in recent years. More and more people wish their children a lot of fun and entertainment, but also want to keep enjoying their garden themselves. With an InGround trampoline you achieve just that! An InGround trampoline integrates more elegantly into the garden as it is hidden from the view.

The biggest advantage, however, of an InGround trampoline is that it is safer than the 'built-up' trampolines. With an InGround trampoline, children, animals and / or belongings cannot get stuck underneath the trampoline. Also, if a jumper falls unexpectedly, the height is considerably lower than when the trampoline is not buried. Besides that, it is easier to get on and off the trampoline, which means that the trampoline can be used more often. Finally, if you want to create an even turf, you don’t have to move your InGround trampoline, simply mow around it.

An Avyna PRO-LINE InGround trampoline has been specially designed for easy placement. The frame is equipped with InGround pins. This means only a small hole has to be dug out under the trampoline. Additional reinforcement at the edges is therefore not necessary.

If you want to dig in a trampoline, click here for service.

Trampoline safety net

Wether or not you want to purchase a safety net with your trampoline is a personal and budgetary decision. However, for safety reasons, we strongly recommend using a safety net. It is difficult to continuously monitor enthusiastically jumping children. Especially if several children are using the trampoline at the same time. With a safety net you can prevent falls and injuries. You can buy a trampoline with a safety net, but you can also buy a safety net later on. Find separate safety nets here.

Protective edges

Although we would love to advise you on this, it remains a personal choice. We supply our Avyna trampoline edges in various colors. You can choose between green, gray, camouflage and ivory white edges. We also have various options regarding the quality. Your options differ from a PRO-LINE trampoline edge, a universal trampoline edge, an InGround trampoline edge to  Heavy Duty trampoline edges. An overview of all protective edges can be found here.

Quality and safety

You will not find our Avyna PRO-LINE trampolines at your regular supplier. Our Avyna-brands stands for top-quality trampolines and we are actually quite proud of that! Not not only our trampolines are high-quality products; We have also implemented our knowledge on our parts and accessories.

Buying an Avyna trampoline? You automatically get a lifetime warranty on the frame. We have solid reasons for guaranteeing you this. With an Avyna trampoline you will get a solid, top-quality trampoline with a long lifespan.

All trampoline parts and accessories can be ordered seperately. Is a trampoline spring broken? Are you ready for a new jumping mat or protective edge? You can order everything in our webshop.

Look around!

If you are looking for a high-quality trampoline, it might cost a bit more than what you expected. When faced with the choice of purchasing a trampoline, our advise is to take a good look around you. Pay attention to the trampolines at your friends or neighbors house, in public areas or at family. Pay special attention to safety. Which protective edges fit best and are there any springs exposed? Which trampolines and  protective edges have faded in color and what does the jumping mat look like? How old is the trampoline and is it of a particular brand? What does that trampoline look like after a few years?

Trampoline stores

Are you looking for a trampoline specialist that only sells quality trampolines? please contact us or search for the nearest dealers here.

Jump safely

Rea Lenders is a 10-time Dutch national champion. She will show you the differences between trampolines..