Avyna Pro-Line InGround trampoline set 12 ø365 cm - Green

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Avyna Pro-Line InGround trampoline set 12 – Ø365 cm – Green      

This round InGround (inground) trampoline has a diameter of 3.65 meters and is therefore one of the larger InGround trampolines in our range. The trampoline comes out about 20 cm above the ground. The trampoline is made of high-quality and durable material. With this trampoline you are in any case assured of years of jumping fun!

The trampoline (365 cm in diameter) is equipped with a green trampoline safety pad, double galvanized springs and a flexible jumping mat. The sturdy edge of the trampoline completely covers the springs and also stays neatly in place with every jump. The flap of the safety pad falls completely over the open space (20 cm). This way nothing can end up under the trampoline. The trampoline edge is also equipped with air vents for optimal jumping comfort. A safety net is mandatory, click here for the trampoline including safety net.

In contrast to our surface-mounted trampolines, InGround (20 cm above the ground) and FlatLevel (completely flush with the ground) trampolines are increasingly popular. The frame of the trampoline is incorporated into the ground and with this you make the trampoline a whole with your garden. This has a sleek look! In addition, these types of trampolines are also super safe because of the low entry and exit.

All our Avyna Pro-Line trampolines are designed and produced in-house in our own factory in Vietnam. With an Avyna Pro-Line trampoline you get quality, safety and durability at home. Thanks to the heavy quality materials, our trampolines have an extremely long lifespan. This is certainly something we are proud of. For that reason, unlike other trampoline brands, we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame of the trampoline. In addition, our trampolines are excellently finished and we pay a lot of attention to the small details, such as the stitching. Added together, this ensures that Avyna Pro-Line trampolines belong to the high segment. Our range of trampolines meets the latest safety requirements for customer use and public use! They have even been tested as the best in America.

Bury trampoline

Do you want to dig in the trampoline? We work together with various gardeners and dealers who are happy to do this for you. Click here for gardeners and dealers who could help you dig in your InGround trampoline.


  • Article code: TEPL-12-I

  • Product description: Pro-Line InGround trampoline set 12

  • Top frame (mm): 48 x 2.0

  • Base legs (mm): 42 x 2.0

  • Trampoline (Ø / cm): 365

  • Jumping mat size Ø / cm): 304

  • Frame height (cm): 20

  • Test weight (kg): 600

  • Max user weight (kg): 120

  • Number of springs: 80

  • Spring length (mm): 215

  • Spring property: Galvanized steel

  • Edge pad color: Green

  • Safety pad PVC (mm): 0.6

  • Edge pad thickness (cm): 2.5

  • Edge pad width (cm): 40

  • Closed cell foam (cm): 2

  • Package weight (kg): 79

  • Packaging dimensions (l x w x h / cm): 166 x 47 x 32

  • Warranty frame: lifetime

  • Warranty springs: 10 years

  • Safety pad warranty: 3 years

  • Jumping mat warranty: 3 years