Avyna Pro-Line 215x155 InGround trampoline with net - Grey

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155 cm
215 cm
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Rectangular trampoline

The Avyna Pro-Line rectangular InGround trampoline set 203 from 215 x 155 cm rises 20 cm above the ground.

The trampoline is equipped with a sturdy jumping mat and safety pad. The edge, in the colors green, gray or camouflage, remains firmly in place with every jump and completely covers the double galvanized springs.


Avyna Pro-Line trampolines meet all safety requirements and can therefore be placed in public places. We give a lifetime warranty on the frame and 10 years on the springs.


Did you know that you can also place a safety net around an InGround trampoline?

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Avyna FlatLevel

We also sell trampolines that do not rise above ground level. Curious about these trampolines? read more here. 


  • Artikel naam: AVGR-203-I-COMBI

  • Buisdikte: 48 x 1,9 mm

  • Afmetingen: 215 x 155 cm

  • Frame hoogte: 20 cm

  • Kleur randkussen: grijs

  • Kleur veiligheidsnet: grijs

  • PVC dikte randkussen: 0,6 mm

  • Totale dikte randkussen: 2,5 cm

  • Breedte randkussen: 32 cm

  • Afwerking randkussen: geseald

  • Diepste punt voor ingraven: 50 cm

  • Gebruikersgewicht: 100 kg

  • Aantal InGround pinnen: 8

  • Aantal veren: 44

  • Lengte veren: 17,8 cm

  • Eigenschap veer: elektrolytisch gegalvaniseerd

  • Bruto gewicht: 46 kg

  • Afmeting verpakking: 134 x 45 x 50 cm