About Avyna

Avyna is a Dutch supplier of trampolines, inflatables, football- and hockey goals. We are based in the Netherlands. From our website avyna.eu we sell our high quality products as trampolines, inflatables, goals, trampoline parts and accessoires. Quality and safety are two very important things to us.

Since 1999 we produce outdoor toys. With more than twenty years of experience, we gained a lot of knowledge about our clients and their preferences. Every day we are working to make people happy! This gives us lot of energy to develop the best products! Our team of experts is every workingday available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We are pleased to help you, so if you have some questions let us know. You can contact us via chat, mail or call us.


At Avyna, one of the most important things is, to produce and design safe products for children (and parents). All our trampolines are produced regarding the current legislation and regulations for toys and amusement equipment. With all our products we can guarantee high quality. For example, all trampoline parts are well finished. There are no sharp edges on the steel of the frames and for example we have designed special caps to covers the springs of the trampoline. By producing safely and products of good quality we want to reduce the risk of accidents and consequences. Also the materials of our products have a long liftime. Replacement of parts is hardly necessary. Maybe you already noticed, but we give lifetime warranty on our trampoline frames! This is exceptional for our industry, so this proofs the quality. 


Another number one priority of Avyna is quality. In our factory in Vietnam we produce our products at the highest level. We use materials with long lifespan en all these material are bought in such a way to minimize waste. So, wat makes our trampolines of good quality and special?

Trampoline frames (HQ Steel)

Avyna trampolines have been made from the best Taiwanese steel for decades. The heavy steel is double galvanized, which means that the steel will not rust. Therefore, we are the only supplier which provides lifetime warranty on the trampoline frames.

Trampoline springs (Power Springs)

As well as our trampoline frames, our springs are also double galvanized. You can recognize this by the dull color of the springs. They will not rust and our power springs contain an unique rubber cap, so you can not hurt yourself. We give a 10-year warranty on trampoline springs.

Trampoline safety pads (Top Safe)

Our extra wide and thick trampoline safety pads are made of high-quality weather-resistant PVC/vinyl material. The foam filling in the pad is extra thick (2.5 or 3.5 cm) and does not absorb moisture. Thanks to the safety system, our safety pads stay perfectly in place with every jump. Our safety pads are available in different colors to match your garden perfectly.

Trampoline jumping mats (Air X-TREAM)

Our jumping mats have an open weave and as a result the jumping mat generates up to 70% better air permeability compared to normal jumping mats. Due to less air resistance, the mat moves more easily with your jump and you can therefore jump higher. Our jumping mats are 100% UV-resistant and have an extra flap of 10 cm, which protects the springs, because safety comes first.

Trampoline safety nets (Royal Class)

The tubular frames of our safety nets are made of the same heavy quality steel as the trampoline frames. Our nets are made of weather-resistant nylon material. Even if you intentionally in the net, the entire constrution will stay. This proves how strong our safety nets are. Our safety nets have a lockable entrance.