Safety Pad Pro-Line HD PLUS - 3,05 (10ft) - Grey

305 cm
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HD-Plus safety pad for the Pro-Line Ø 305 cm

The HD-Plus safety pad for the Pro-Line Ø 305 cm trampoline offers optimal protection. Safe jumping is guaranteed due to the safety pad. In comparison with our Pro-Line safety pads, the HD-Plus safety pads are thicker (3,5 cm) and contains Vinyl (0,8 mm). The HD-Plus safety pads are made of high quality material and are weather resistant. Due to the high quality the HD-Plus safety pads provides a guarantee of 5 years. 








  • Dikte van het randkussen 3,5 cm

  • Breedte van het randkussen 32 cm

  • Dikte PVC van het randkussen 0,8 mm

  • Dikte van Closed cell foam 30 mm

  • 850 gram per m2

  • Lengte skirt van randkussen 20 cm      

  • Kleur: grijs    

  • Garantie op het springkussen 5 jaar 

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